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NJ NFFF Efforts & the Behavioral Health initiative

On this episode of the 5 Alarm Task Force, I discuss the mission of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, the Taking Care of our Own program and some of the recent behavioral health news, laws, and studies. It's always a great time with Steve Greene and his podcast. 

Difficult Conversations

Handling difficult conversations about mental health

Health and Wellness: Signs of Trauma

This is an article that I wrote for the Canadian publication Firefighting in Canada. I was amazed at the amount of delays in accessing psychological support despite the universal healthcare establishment. 

Code 3 Podcast-Scott Orr

This is a quick podcast that David did with host Scott Orr from the Code 3 Podcast discussing Mental Health and the upcoming Firehouse World 18 conference. 

Resilience: How to Maintain Yourself in the Fire Service

How to maintain resilience in your career. A discussion with Steve Greene of the 5-Alarm Task Force. 

Great Florida Fire School Lecture

This is a segment of my Striving for 25: Developing Resilience for your Career lecture, as recorded by Dalmation Productions own Steve Greene. Check out his website at

Rescue The Rescuer with Stephen Kavalkovich Episode 009

A frank discussion about the stigma of mental health in the Fire Service. 

This is an article about my presentation at the New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Association conference in May 2017. 

Firehouse Magazine, May 2017

Fire Engineering Article December 2015

The problem of Suicide Terrorism is not a new phenomenon. In fact, its roots can be traced back to the days of the Knights Templar. The modern day manifestation of this brand of terrorism, the suicide bomber, has been seen frequently throughout Sri Lanka as well as many other global hot spots. But what causes an individual to sacrifice their life and become a human bomb? There are several reasons for this phenomena, which are explored in this work.

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