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The stigma associated with mental health is overwhelming in most cases. Part of being able to overtake stigma is to talk about it. Here is my challenge to you. Record a short thirty (30) second video using the script below or substitute in your own words to talk about mental health. It is my hope that when providers see the amount of people that are willing to help them and speak up on their behalf and advocate for them, that we will be able to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. I encourage providers from all fields, as well as all levels from Probationary to Retired personnel to take part.

The script and the instructions are below. 


<begin script>

Hi, My name is (Insert name) from (Insert organization or agency you represent). I am a (insert job title FF/PD/EMT etc) with (insert years of service) and I want to say It’s ok to not be ok.


Mental health issues in our profession are increasing and we need to remove the stigma about discussing them.


I stand with all of my brothers and sisters in their struggles to get the help that they need.

I commit to being an ally, someone who you can talk to, and I will do my part by checking in on my brothers and sisters regularly.

I’m willing to undertake this challenge, will you join me?

Record your own video and add it to the growing list of providers who are willing to take a stand and say “It’s OK to Not be OK!”


 <end script>

Note: If you have a personal testimonial that you wish to add, please feel free to share. Our backgrounds and our stories may be the words that someone needs to hear when they are making the decision to seek help.

Once completed, please upload the video to your favorite social media platform and email us a link for upload to the YouTube Channel.


The email address is:


Thank you for your time and for taking part in such an important step in reducing/eliminating the stigma associated with mental health in our field.

Submitted Videos: 

Lt. Marc Aloan - Columbia County, GA

Stephen Kavalkovich - Rescue the Rescuer Host 

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